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We want to share! After over a year online, with 11,000 hours on Zoom rehearsing and performing for 4,000 audience members, Zoom Theatre would like to share what we’ve learned with you about producing, staging and presenting nine live shows during the pandemic.

Missed the webinar? You can watch the presentation below!

Watch Zoom Theatre's free webinar on the lessons we’ve learned mounting ten live plays on Zoom in thirteen months. 


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Macbeth Web 01
Debra Nguyen, Gloria Huang, Georgan George in MACBETH 

Collective Rage 01Tatiana Gil, Cortunay Minor, Olivia Dumaine in Collective Rage

Join Zoom Theatre for a free webinar and an update on the lessons we’ve learned mounting nine live plays and two special events in less that a year during the pandemic. Open to theater makers of all types, we’ll share our mistakes and the tips and tricks that had audience members saying "You are doing things I didn’t know were possible!”

Our orginal webinar, WHAT WE'VE LEARNED SO FAR, has been viewed over 6,000 times since it was posted last June.  Since then we've kept moving the bar, experimenting with new techniques and technology with every production. 

Intended for theatre-makers of all kinds, you'll learn about the process, equipment, software and details that make Zoom Theatre possible. There will be plenty of opportunities to ask questions and get feedback.

 Lungs DipticJesse Lumb and GiGi Buddie in ENTER YOUR SLEEP  Actually
Maya Michal Sherer and Kevin Minor in ACTUALLY